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Ecolodge l'île de Ouarzazate

Berbere Tradition

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Located at a very special green zone near the Barrage El Mansour Eddahbi, the Ecolodge L’île de Ouarzazate has stunning views of Atlas Mountains in a quiet and peaceful spot.

Only 15 minutes by car from the city center of Ouarzazate.

We have 8 spacious and nicely decorated rooms that can fit until 6 persons each.

As an ecological setting we always search for sustainable choices: the electricity comes from modern solar panels, rooms with fan and veggie gardens daily cared by our staff.

We offer different activities: enjoy the pleasant views from the barrage with kaiaking, rowing boats or fishing. You can go biking, trekking, driving buggy, quad or 4x4 vehicles in the rocky sahara area around the ecolodge.

At our restaurant we carefully prepare the best berber typical dishes offering high quality food using some fresh directly from our plantations.

Come and enjoy one night under the stars far from light pollution with the best berber tradicional music by real nomads of the Sahara Desert.

Modern Ecological Solutions

Completely energy self-sufficient

Ecolodge lile de Ouarzazate solar panels
Ecolodge lile de Ouarzazate king size bed.

Designed to be sustainable and suitable for families friends or couples and to serve clients with excellence and berber tradition. Prices starts at 35 euros !!!

Organic and environmentally friendly garden

Best quality food at our table

Ecolodge Lile de Ouarzazate organic farm
Ecolodge Lile de Ouarzazate organic sunflower


Made with love

Ecolodge Lile de Ouarzazate organic flower

The Ancient Berber Superior Farming Techniques

Ecolodge lile de Ouarzazate Owner

After years working as director and managing different hotels, dealing with costumers from all around the world, Youssef developed great communication skills, learning 7 different languages.

With this knowledge he wanted to create something different. Modern, sustainable and traditionally berber.

Designed to be sustainable and suitable for families friends or couples, to serve clients with excellence and berber tradition.



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